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Berglund Payton Group investment mechanism is designed in such a manner that it focuses on deals that have proven profit potential and guarantees rapid decision making and also an improved quality of independent labor for every individual deal.

We utilize a meticulous four-step approach for each of our investments, regardless of their nature. The process is explained below, even though we do regularly adapt it order to mirror our extensive range of asset categories and investment types.


Our specialists develop deals from various sources, which include proprietary sources, both in-house and by means diplomatic associations, as well as a web of premier institutions and partners.

When we evaluate possible investments we conduct a number of analyses to determine whether or not the deal should become part of the pipeline. The analyzed aspects at this particular stage include:

  • Corresponding with our approach regarding region, industry and deal volume
  • High-profile investment premise
  • High-profile risks
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Deal appraisal is at the center of our efforts. We undertake detailed evaluations that include financial and legal due diligence.

The most significant parameters of our appraisal system include:

  • Financial and legal due diligence
  • Comprehensive investment research
  • Detailed risk estimation


Once sanctioned, investments are transacted by the capital markets teams that specialize in asset-acquirement programs, side stepping risks where they deem it appropriate or negotiating intricate deals.


Since creating value in our main focus we actively manage our portfolios by regularly determining their performances in comparison to the initial investment premise.

We exercise the rights of our shareholders as well as being represented at shareholders’ meetings of businesses and enterprises in which we have a significant involvement.

Similar perseverance is practiced when it comes to our investments in third-party funds: just as we employ external managers utilizing a meticulous process we also continue to handle and supervise them in a similar fashion.

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